Materials Handler Shift - Gainesville, TX

Position Definition:
To monitor and maintain the supplies of raw materials needed for pipe production.
Monitor the raw materials inventory and report to the Production Planner/Materials Manager on item shortage.
Read and report the amount of resin and regrind in each plant storage silo.
Notify the railroad of the need for removal and placement of rail cars to maintain a steady supply of pipe resin.
Take resin samples from each new rail car and deliver samples to Quality Assurance/Quality Control for testing.
Unloading of resin from rail cars into plant storage silos.
Maintain sufficient resin in the storage silos to provide inventory to maintain pipe production.
Monitor the movement of resin rail cars, in transit from the supplier, to identify possible delivery delays.
Move pipe and scrap products as directed by plant supervision.
All other tasks assigned by your immediate supervisor
High school diploma or GED is desired.
Ability to read and write English.
Ability to perform simple math, add, subtract, multiply, divide and take measurements.
Ability to lift more than 100 pounds with reasonable assistance.
Ability to lift 50 pounds with or without reasonable assistance.
Ability to move from one area to another by stepping over and/or bending under objects.
Ability to spend up to 12 hours a shift on your feet and around hot machinery.
Manufacturing floor environment
May include outside conditions on top of railcars or silos in all types of weather.

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