Director of Clinical Practice Management

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

  • Oversees the operations of the hospital (NTMC) owned practices.

  • Assists Administration with Physician Recruitment and Retention.

  • Serves as the liaison to employed physicians.

  • Credentials employed physician and mid-levels.

  • Assists with the marketing and expansion for the clinical practices.

  • Oversees the practice employees hiring, training, termination, and management.

  • Monitors the staff performance and facilitates effective teamwork.

  • Prepares and oversees the practices operating and capital budgets.

  • Prepares and analyzes financial and practice activity reports.

  • Manages new and existing managed care contracts.

  • Performs administrative duties to ensure the efficiency of the practices.

  • Is accessible to the practices to provide onsite, telephone, or electronic consultation as needed.

  • Ensures that the quality assurance programs are established and maintained to assure the quality of clinic services provided and to identify failures in quality as they occur.

  • Ensures that practices adhere to applicable regulations.

  • Ensures that the physical plant and environmental conditions of the practices are appropriate for the services offered and provide a safe environment in which employees and patients are protected from physical, chemical, and biological hazards.

  • Ensures that adequate supplies are available for services offered.

  • Performs other duties assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Professional Requirements:

  • Adheres to dress code, adherence is neat and clean.

  • Adaptable to change.

  • Completes annual education requirements on time.

  • Maintains regulatory requirements.

  • Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.

  • Reports to work on time and as scheduled. Completes work with designated time.

  • Has reliable communication mode (telephone/cell phone).

  • Wears identification while on duty

  • Competes in-services, training, proficiency testing, compassessment exercises, etc. and returns in a timely manner.

  • Attends annual review and department in-services, as scheduled.

  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.

  • Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.


  • Education in all age groups ranging from newborn to the geriatric population obtained in either school education or subsequent training.

  • Bachelor level degreed in a clinical or business

Don't Be Fooled

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